Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On the Road in the Research Triangle

Carolina Wren (public domain)
I'm on the road again!  After several events in the New York City area, I'm about to give a talk at the Durham East Regional library in central North Carolina. Then it's on to the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, for a public Psychology Colloquium on Thursday at 3:30.  Finally, I keynote the East Coast edition--in Norfolk, Virginia--of the same program of unique ClickerExpo presentations and practica I blogged about at the end of January. 

Meanwhile, it's been years since I was in the Big Apple, and I was delighted at how helpful most New Yorkers were.  If I even looked a bit lost (which happened several times in Penn Station, believe me), or appeared to be struggling with my suitcase in the subway, people came forward to help.  Will the Tar Heelers be as welcoming?  I'm sure they will, and that their warmth, like that of the New Yorkers, will help compensate for the cold temperatures of this supposedly spring visit.  Snow flurries this morning, yikes!  But the fruit trees and daffodils are flowering and the birds are singing--including the properly located Carolina Wrens (actually widespread) and, a treat for me these days, richly red Northern Cardinals.

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  1. thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts. And nice to hearing from you after a long time. It seems you were busy somewhere in the project. Well, i wish you very best luck in your future accomplishments.